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Serving Oakland County, Michigan
Based out of:

Majestic Horse Center
835 Hummer Lake Road
Oxford, MI
835 Hummer Lake Rd. Oxford, MI

Heather DuFour

Horse(s): Fable and Fenway
Focus: Horse and rider balance and equine bodywork
Goal: USDF Gold Medal
(248) 318 - 1144

Allison Gaereminck

Horse(s): Annabelle
Focus: Horse and human confidence and safety
Goal: Qualifying for Rolex
Phone: (248) 520 - 9545

What started out as a friendship and a common love for horses grew into a bigger and better idea, bigger then themselves. "I knew I couldn't do it alone, having someone with the same ideas and dreams as me, I had to embrace the opportunity" said Allison. "The idea of having a team and people to grow with, and learn with, and to encourage you to be a better version of yourself was something I couldn't turn down." said Heather. One night they sat down and designed the logo with the idea of a positive encouraging team for people around the world, to inspire them and empower them to be the best they can be and to overcome any long lived fear. Allison and Heather both have their own competition goals, but their number 1 is changing the hearts of man, and that can be a big task to take on. "We believe that leading by example, and living a life of faith, and always working towards bettering ourselves and our horses" said Allison. In the world of horses it is hard to change peoples minds about their ways of training, teaching, it can even be as simple as what saddle is best. Equestrians tend to brace against any change, they live what they know. "It is easy to get stuck on an idea, it is safe to stay on something that has worked, one of my mentors told me every horse has their own way of dancing," said Heather. As I see the ambition of these two young girls I can't help but think of how hard it is going to be to face the world. So I ask what they do to keep the focus, even when things get difficult. "Communication for me is the biggest thing, bringing myself back to the people I can help and focus on inspiring them along the way." said Allison. Being apart of something bigger then myself is something I would have dreamed of learning when I was in my early 20's. I look forward to seeing how this team can change lives. They have created a wonderful team that focuses on the success and well-being of both horse and rider through developing physical and emotional fitness. Advocating a solid foundation to support your aspirations. "I would emphasize on knowing its okay to be where you are at but the importance of keeping an open mind." said Heather. "Together we want to embrace your self confidence, love for horses and empower you to believe in your bright future and the endless possibilities that lie ahead." said the Braveheart Equestrians.